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About DTI

DTI delivers the global tooling market to our OEM and Tier One customers with industry leading engineering, quality, and service. With build facilities in Asia and our headquarters in Livonia, MI, DTI has developed a proven process to build tools overseas for the North American market.




Local support and expertise are critical to success on today’s complex vehicle programs. Opened in 2016, DTI’s headquarters in Livonia Michigan provides OEMs and Tier Ones with complete Business and Engineering support at the center of the US Automotive industry.


DTI first invested in Korea in 2005 where we now build complex dies for high strength materials as well as large tandem dies, including Class A. Working closely with North American Engineering, our Korean build teams consistently replicate the best North American die build standards.


DTI began building tools in China in 2010 and formed our first Chinese joint venture in 2013. DTI continues to grow our capabilities in China where we currently build small to medium sized progressive dies as well as large tandem dies for body structure applications.


Detroit’s Automotive manufacturers consistently choose DTI for their complex and high volume programs

DTI Global Headquarters