DTI has been successfully building tools in Asia since 2004 and our location strategy is critical to that success. Our Asian build facilities consistently build complex tools for the North American market that ship ready for PPAP. DTI’s Livonia headquarters is then available to receive the tools for local tryout and support. 


Opened in 2016, our Headquarters in Livonia, MI, manages all DTI tools from kickoff to homeline. US based Engineering and Program Management departments work closely with our customer to ensure a transparent tool build process. Once complete, all tools are shipped here for local tryout in our New 1200 Ton Eagle Press and are supported by our in house Engineering. 

Local Services Include:

  • Launch Support
  • Local Die Run Offs
  • Engineering Changes
  • Early Production Support
  • Low Volume Production
  • Emergency Offload



With joint ventures in both China and Korea, DTI is directly invested in our Asian build teams. Investing in our build facilities gives DTI control over the two most critical elements when building in Asia: Quality and Timing. Working closely with US engineering, our build teams consistently build tools to North American standards and ensure all tools ship from Asia ready for PPAP.