Founded in 2004, DTI’s mission was to deliver the global tooling market to our North American customers with the quality and service of a Detroit based tool shop. Most of our customers attempted building tools in Asia but experienced issues related to timing, quality, and lack of homeline support. DTI’s team of North American Engineers developed the relationships and experience necessary to consistently deliver quality Asian tool builds to our customers. Starting with simple tandem dies 15 years ago, DTI now builds even the most complex tools for our OEM and Tier One customers. Throughout the tool build DTI Engineers interface with our in-country staff of die engineers and PM’s to ensure design and build quality are the top priorities and that all tools are shipped from Asia ready for PPAP.

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Since building our first Prog tool in 2004, DTI has continued to design and build highly complex Progs for the North American market. DTI engineers take into consideration material properties, part tolerances and the optimization of material in the design of the tooling. Our goal is to provide a robust die process that saves material and makes a part within tolerance. Recent Prog tools have been over 200″ in length, more than 20 stations, and with high strength material. DTI’s Eagle Press with a 216″ x 96″ bed size and 72” servo coil feeder in our Livonia Headquarters is ideal for Prog tool tryouts.



DTI has developed the capability to build the most complex transfer die sets in the industry. DTI has built transfer dies for parts ranging from cowl panels to rear compartment pans using high strength steel materials to aluminum.

DTI has recently delivered 21 Transfer tools on the new Ford Bronco. Each one arrived at the stamping facility in Sonora Mexico ready for PPAP where they were met by DTI’s team of dedicated Homeline Engineers. Buyoffs were completed in record time, directly leading to additional work on the Ford P713.



DTI is able to provide significant value to our customers with our large Tandem dies. The high labor input required on Class A Tandem dies leverages the DTI business model to provide significant savings to the tooling program. Coupled with these savings is the fact that DTI has designed and built multiple Class A Hood and Roof Tandem tool sets for OEM flagship vehicles.



Blank dies are a new niche for DTI and one we’re excited to offer to our customers. We built our first blank die in 2017 and since then have built more than 30 blank dies for FCA and GM programs. Blank dies are best suited for high volume programs where the modest up front investment returns significant piece cost savings over the life of the program.



DTI designed and built Trog tools combine the material utilization of a progressive die with the forming capability of a transfer. Blanks are first formed with a progressive operation and then re-positioned before transitioning to a Transfer process to complete the final parts. DTI’s 13 TROG tools built for the F-150 program saved Ford an estimated $42 Million in material over the life of the vehicle.

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