Ford CX430

In 2018 DTI was awarded $16M in tooling on the upcoming Ford Bronco. Representing a large portion of the vehicle, the package included everything from High Strength Steel to the Class A roof. In total DTI built 60 tool sets including Transfer, Tandem, and Progressive tools to produce 65 part numbers. The successful buyoff in Hermosillo led directly to a follow up award on the Ford V713.


DTI provided nine months of engineering feasibility services to support Ford’s early tool kickoff strategy designed to eliminate prototype and gain better crash test integrity. DTI engineers supported over 2,000 feasibility reviews including, FEA’s, Process Updates, and FCR solutions for each change.

After die designs were finalized and tools were in build, DTI Engineers managed an additional 80 engineering changes while maintaining program timing.


DTI Program Management in Livonia coordinated the 60 tool builds across four locations in Korea and China. Our on-site staff in Asia followed tools day to day and were directly supported by four North American engineers in Asia travelling between build sites.

As tool builds finished, the DTI Engineers performed a complete buyoff in Asia to ensure all tools were PPAP ready prior to shipment.

With the buyoff in Asia complete, DTI’s PM team managed the customer specific logistics route from Asia, through Long Beach, and onto Hermosillo Mexico by truck. All tools arrived on schedule and press ready.

$ 0 M
Tool Sets
Engineering Changes


DTI deployed six launch engineers to support homeline commissioning from January through March in Hermosillo. These were a mix of DTI engineers based in Mexico and homeline staff from DTI’s Livonia headquarters. 

Having already completed a buyoff in Asia, DTI and Magna Sonora were able to PPAP all tools within program timing. Ford GVT was present for the homeline and recognized the buyoffs, in the customer required 3 set-up system, as a major success. 

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