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DTI Covid Build Plan

DTI is fully operational with available capacity in both China and Korea. New Covid-specific procedures ensure tools continue to arrive on schedule and PPAP ready.

Covid-19 Impact on Local Tool Build Capacity

The current shutdown will delay all US based Tool Manufacturing. Even once operational, new disinfecting and social distancing procedures will prevent suppliers from operating at full capacity. Foundry shutdowns will further compound the delay. Casting lead times are already at seven weeks and backlogs continues to grow. A slow ramp up and mature backlogs are likely to impact tool builds through 2020.

Tool Manufacturers in Asia are operational and have excess capacity. Travel restrictions complicate sourcing directly to Asia though. The US Department of State advises against all international travel. China is currently preventing all foreigners from entering the country. And Korea requires a 14 day quarantine upon arrival.

DTI Covid-19 Procedures

DTI’s adaptable build model is already well suited to operate in the post Covid world. 

DTI Build Model Key Advantages:

  • Multiple Build Locations
    • Multiple facilities in four distinct regions ensures DTI will always have manufacturing facilities available
    • All are currently operational with open capacity – Download April 2020 Capacity Report Here
  • Remote Work Experience
    • With staff residing in 5 different countries, DTI employees are experienced with remote work and can effectively manage tool builds from any location
  • Standardized Processes
    • Global build teams are trained on DTI’s published build processes and quality standards to ensure consistent tool builds across all locations
  • Cloud-Based Operating System
    • Part Data, Simulations, Designs, Revisions, and Progress Updates are all managed online ensuring work can easily be transitioned between employees and build locations

With the additional travel restrictions in place, DTI has adopted Covid-specific procedures to ensure tools arrive on schedule and PPAP ready.

DTI Covid Specific Procedures:

    • Weekly Executive Tool Review
      • US Directors review all dies on the shop floor via live video
      • Review progress, issues, and countermeasures
        • See video below
    • Departmental Checks and Balances
      • Each DTI Department meets regularly with their counterparts in Asia to ensure day to day work proceeds as scheduled:
        • DTI Design Engineers – Daily
        • DTI Build Engineers – Every two days
        • DTI Program Management – Daily
    • DTI  Pre-Buyoff and Buyoff in Asia
      • DTI teams of local nationals perform all buyoffs in Asia to ensure quality
      • These toolmakers were hired from respected tool shops in China and Korea
      • All toolmakers held positions of Manager or Director

Weekly Executive Review - Screenshot

Live Video – Asia
DTI Engineer – Livonia
Diversified Technologies International | DTI Tools and Metal Stamping

DTI Open Capacity

US Tool Manufacturing will require months to fully recover from the Covid shutdown and learn to operate with the required new procedures. The supply base was already near capacity and a single foundry compounds existing delays. Asia Tool Manufacturing benefits from excess capacity, making it easier to operate with new Covid procedures in place. All DTI’s build facilities in China and Korea are fully operational with available capacity. 

By combining DTI Engineering with the available capacity in Asia, DTI is uniquely positioned to build tools during these uncertain times. 

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